Project Brief:

Hakikanews Founder Mr. Jimmy approached us with an idea in mind.  He wasn’t sure of exarctly what he wanted but after brainstorming with our team it was clear that he wanted a website to share his articles and other information at the same time make it huge for others to share their information and make some extra cash. We settled on a blog site with shop area to sell merch and promised to get him adsense approval. is now an established media outlet with several employees and a strong online presense. Bellow are the features we included:


Step 01

Gather all information

We sat down and discussed all the user requirements for both the users of the system, from admin, readers and writers. This was a very usefull and important step as it guides us to come up with the project scope


Step 02

Wireframes and mockups

We quickly came up with mockups of the website and showed to our client. Some more adjustments were made on this stage. 


Step 03

Actual Developement

This was the step where we actualised our idea. Creation the working version of the project. We used wordpress CMS as it could handle all the requrements, However major modifications were made to the code base. The project was deployed on production servers from namecheap

Step 04

Training and Handover

This is the stage where we did training to Hakikanews team and handed over all the project files and credentials. We also provided a one month support.

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