Explainer: How To Choose A Blog Niche.

Blogging is an absolute adventure, giving your creative experience to your audience getting feedback, educating, and being in a creative space with your audience. Each of these is determined by the content you put out and whether it resonated with your niche. Starting a blog might seem all fun and easy but without the right blog niche you might be holding down a million-dollar idea. Before that, you can learn how to set up a blog here (inbound link on setting up a blog). What’s a blog niche you might ask? Well, this is the most specific topic you will write about or your most specific content that will interest your key audience. A more specific blog niche is important to gain traffic for your blog and get you the feedback you need as a blogger. It will also be able to get you a specific audience that can relate.

  1. Do research on your blog niche.

Firstly, to create an understanding of what your blog niche is, the first thing is to embark on a journey to understand your product, its audience, and your message. In this part, one can actually look into competitor blogs, their feedbacks, and their message. Before you start sharing content you need an idea generation meeting with yourself and some key aspects to your blog, a mentor. This will help you determine the right blog niche for your blog and whether it is can be monetized.

  1. Decide who does your product call to?

Secondly, the call is an attraction. Who uses your product? Is your blog going to attract an audience who want to know about travel places and tour experiences? Is your call to a more artistic and exhibition-loving fan base? Will your blog attract an audience who wants daily sports feeds and updates? Then these questions will help you learn and know who your exact audience is. Once you get a clear understanding of who your target audience is then you will understand your blog niche. Aside from creating a blog niche here’s a great read on how blogs work and how you can monetize them.

  1. Specific Topic

This is the key message that will be able to differentiate your blog from others. Get ideas and make them all about your niche, don’t try to solve every problem just pick one problem and work on it. If you decide you’ll create content on Finance and freelancers and SMEs then work your topic around them. If you are a writer or blogger and the ideas are not streaming in anymore this will help. In conclusion, the blog niche is a key aspect in blogging and this is where most bloggers go who have no blog niche go wrong

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