How to Set Up Your Blog.

Are you new to writing and would love to kick start a beautiful experience in the world of blogging? Worry no more here are four simple ways to set up your blog.

  1. Create your blog.

To set up a blog from scratch scares many writers, many at times I received questions on how did I start blogging and how can you proceed to be a great blogger. Simple, just start when you push that let’s go button everything eventually flows into a beautiful masterpiece. Therefore as a new blogger who’s eager to set up a blog, you’d have to identify the domain where you’ll access your work. You can choose to try the various blogger tools such as WordPress or Blogger or if you are in it for a more original touch you can buy a domain at, host WordPress, and kick off your blogging experience.

  1. Create Your Unique Look

Secondly, set up your blog to speak in a way that relates to you the writer, and your audience. What you’d love to venture into is the look and appearance of your blog. From features, themes, and the display of the various buttons. How do want your blog to look? In both Word Press and Blogger, they have themes and features where bloggers choose what their audience would see once they visit. if you need different tools that’ll help you work around the look, either graphics or pictorials here’s the read for you

  1. Content Creation and Blog Niche.

Well, I’d love to call these two the Salt & Pepper of Blogging. I obviously love to arouse your thinking with questions. Who are you talking to? Who is your blog for? Will the message you share in your blog reach your target audience? I f you are able to have content that is in sync with your audience then you are good to set up your blog. You’d have to come up with these in the idea stage before you actualize anything.

  1. Interactive Feed

Today I will let you out on a little secret that is the power of pictures and videos on the Internet. Who said when setting up a blog it has to be 100% words? Play around with pictures and graphics. Use understandable language like they say if your audience is sophisticated drop some heavy jargons here and there whatever language best suits your audience. You can also drop some brain jugglers here and there such as a puzzle or questions for your audience then direct them to give their feedback in the comment section. If they are subscribing to your blog and the feedback is good well you got the trick.   Lastly, as you set up your blog never forget to have a tiny notebook and pen with you everywhere you go the best ideas are often the ones unplanned. Jot it down.

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